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For 30 years PTH Francepol Sp. z o.o. has specialised in the international cargo transportation and forwarding. We transport general cargo and full truck cargoes within the area of the European Union and Schengen countries. We have over 400 vehicles of various specifications at our disposal, so we can tailor any fleet to suit the needs of our customers. We operate an independent service workshop for our vehicles, with over a dozen of specialised car mechanics. Therefore, our vehicles are under constant technical control. We pride ourselves on professionalism, as confirmed by numerous certificates and recognitions, and on our excellent staff that consists of 40 forwarding agents and other specialists. Our number is 2247 on the TIMOCOM freight exchange.


Dumper trucks with Walking Floor semitrailers

They can load and unload any type of loose cargo. Semitrailers with a moving floor effectively and ergonomically transport cargo for agriculture, recycling and construction industries.

Dumper trucks with forklifts

For independent loading and unloading of goods. They effectively replace cars with lifts, and knuckleboom cranes. A forklift operated by a driver can load and unload goods in places with limited infrastructure.

Cars with mega or standard semitrailers

Mega bodyworks (3 m in height) and Standard bodyworks enable loading from the back, the side and the top. Each vehicle is equipped with 20 straps 500 DAN, mats, angle bars, crossbeams and a customs secure fastening rope. Moreover, we are authorised to transport waste, and the A-plate. This bodywork can transport all types of cargo, i.a. pallet goods, food products, wood, construction materials, furniture, steel, and waste.

Road trains – a vehicle with a trailer

Tandem bodywork measuring 7.7 m + 7.7 m can load 120 m3 of cargo. These cars are best suited for transporting light cargoes, e.g. mineral wool or Styrofoam.

It is very important for us to minimise the environmental impact. We look forward to the day when our vehicles are powered by renewable energy. Until then, we are doing our best not to harm our planet. We use only Euro6 engines which have a minimal negative impact on the environment, and we give our drivers eco-driving training in order to minimise fuel consumption. We segregate and recycle waste. Moreover, our buildings are covered with photovoltaic panels in order to ensure that the power we use comes from renewable energy sources.


Our company’s mission statement is “Driven by people”. This thought guides us every day. We have achieved numerous successes thanks to our specialised staff and good co-operation between our employees. Moreover, as our company is constantly growing, we’re looking for people who would like to take up the challenge and join our team. We offer the opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from professionals with years of experience, and the opportunity of promotion and building a career within the internal structures of the company.


Our everyday success is shaped by the work of over 500 people, including 40 forwarding agents, over a dozen car mechanics, as well as specialists in other fields. Of course, one of the most important roles in transportation is played by our drivers who overcome everyday obstacles and unexpected situations to deliver goods to the right place, at the right time. To make our workplace as comfortable as possible, we consistently upgrade our headquarters and try to provide the best possible working environment for both office employees and drivers.