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Thanks to 30 years of experience in the industry and our diverse fleet of vehicles with over 400 road trains with trucks, we provide the highest quality services. Our staff consists of specialists in their fields who have many years of experience in the business, and who can speak Polish, English, German, and Ukrainian. The diverse bodywork of our vehicles means we can tailor the transportation to the needs of particular goods or type of loading and unloading. We operate within the European Union and Schengen countries.

Our team of specialists in transportation with walking floor bodywork (a moving floor) have a modern transportation fleet at their disposal of over 100 semitrailers with a capacity of 92 m3 designed for transporting bulk goods, pallet goods and goods pressed into bales. We are authorised to transport waste all throughout the European Union. Our team of experienced forwarding agents, who are fluent in German and English, will complete any accepted order in a professional manner. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can transport the following goods: agricultural products, feed and cereals, non-ferrous metals, coke, coal, recycling waste (loose and in bales), and pallet goods.

The department that organises FTL transportation with standard semitrailers specialises in transporting OSB board, construction materials, paper rolls, waste such as wastepaper etc., and agaricus mushrooms in their growing phase. We mainly operate in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux countries, and we will soon start a new adventure in the north – particularly in Sweden. Our team is comprised of ambitious and interesting persons who are not afraid of challenges.

Next team is responsible for MEGA vehicles – 3 m long, equipped with semitrailers with raisable roofs. Loading is possible from the back, the side, and the top. We transport goods to DE, CH, LI, NL, BE, LX, FR, ES, IT, SI, SK, HU, CZ, DK. Each vehicle is equipped with 20 straps 500 DAN, mats, angle bars, crossbeams, and a customs secure fastening rope. We are authorised to transport waste, and the A-plate. We transport all types of cargo, i.a. pallet goods, food products, wood, construction materials, furniture, steel, waste, and many others.

The department that deals with driving road trains 7.7 m + 7.7 m with a cargo space of 120 m3, so called a vehicle with a trailer. It specialises in transporting light cargoes, i.e. mineral wool, Styrofoam. We serve the biggest companies in the construction industry in Europe, such as Ursa, Knauf, Rockwool.

Some of our cars are equipped with forklifts, and soon we will own a fleet of 50 such vehicles. Thanks to this we are able to provide comprehensive customer service and our drivers are able to load, transport, and unload goods, particularly when there is no possibility to drive the vehicle up to the ramp, when the customer does not have their own forklifts or lifts, and when the infrastructure is not prepared for unloading goods in a different way. We drive trucks throughout the whole of Europe.

The next department is responsible for transportation with the use of curtain trailers of a standard type. This department has its own modern fleet of vehicles at its disposal. It is fully capable of transporting various cargoes with a capacity of up to 25 tons. All vehicles are equipped with the GPS tracking system of the latest generation. The team owns the latest tractors and semitrailers, which guarantees a high quality service. This team organises transportation throughout the whole of Western Europe. Our base of experienced drivers and qualified forwarding are our major competitive advantage. This means that we can we ensure a comprehensive transportation service from beginning to end.

Our forwarding department offers services in Western and Southern Europe, mainly Germany, the Czech Republic, the Benelux countries, France, Switzerland, and Austria. We ensure the continuity of transportation orders, supervision, and care of tasks given to drivers by employees of forwarding department, financial liquidity and timeliness, and working in a nice and dynamic team. We are willing to cooperate with transportation companies with their own fleet of vehicles – a tractor with a semitrailer 13.60 of a standard height or of the mega type, or road trains of low-tonnage or high-tonnage capacities. We offer drivers a two-weeks working system.